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About Roberto Felicetti

Roberto Felicetti refers to himself as an architect for ease of presentation. In reality, this definition is a little too loose for a professional who has always dedicated his energies to a multitude of creative fields.

From interior design to the aesthetic and functional recovery of abandoned spaces; from industrial design to artistic direction and corporate image, all the way through to architectural projects. Be it a villa, head office, design object, luxury yacht, car, showroom, exhibition space, or hotel, Felicetti's years of research and practical experience have been acknowledged and awarded on an international scale.

With offices in Italy, London and Jeddah, he prefers to take refuge in the peace and quiet of the province where he has created a team of qualified professionals, each one with a wealth of capabilities and experience of their own. Over time he has built solid relationships with prestigious artisans, a network that translates into services that go far beyond a mere project.

This synergic relationship with professionals, master craftsman and experts of the finest materials, guarantees client satisfaction and exclusive and unique bespoke solutions that exceed traditional standards and expectations.


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